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Podcast Research – ‘Alien’ Design: From Urns to Eggs and Back Again

A scene from the movie Alien

What’s interesting when researching the Alien movies for our next podcast are the design elements that echo down through the franchise, from 1977 all the way to 2012 and undoubtedly beyond. Take, for instance, the containers that hold the earliest stage of the xenomorph, the facehugger. In the original Alien screenplay by Dan O’Bannon, they are “leathery urns …

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‘Prometheus’: The Perils of Running in a Straight Line

I enjoyed Ridley Scott’s 2012 return to the Alien milleu, Prometheus. A prequel to the first film, it details a team travelling to a far star cluster to find the origins of life on Earth, and the nasty things that await them there. I enjoyed it, but I can certainly see why some people have a problem with …

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Alien Design: The Terrible Beauty of H.R. Giger

You can’t have a discussion about the Alien films without talking about the beautifully horrible works of Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. Creating the creature, its environment, and the derelict spaceship in which it is found, Giger’s designs for the film reverberated not only throughout the series but also across the cinematic landscape as a whole. When …

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‘Aliens’: Images of James Remar as the original Hicks

It’s easy to see why James Cameron originally cast actor James Remar as Cpl. Hicks in Aliens. Remar looked good in the armour, exuded a commanding presence and even had a history with producer Walter Hill, having appeared as Ajax in the Hill-produced classic The Warriors. But it was not to be. There are conflicting reports as to …

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‘Aliens’: They’re In the Room!

Cpl. Hicks takes a peek at the subject of our October episode. Will you dare?  

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Some Hotness In ‘Alien’

Some more imagery concerning the topic of our next Nerdstalking podcast. Here, Sigourney Weaver in her Ellen Ripley costume tests out a flame thrower on the lawn of the Shepperton Studios backlot in 1978. Flame on, girl!


Siskel and Ebert Review ‘Aliens’ in 1986

The fat guy and the other one give a pretty brain-dead review of Aliens in 1986.


Plunderin’ Jeebus

This “movie” featured one of Chad’s youthful crushes.



Great jackets for when you’re at the disco, a professional Pyramid game or just going out for a coffee at Starbucks. HAH HAH get it?


A Question for Model-Master Ross

Have you ever put this Spock tableau together?  

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Original Alien Storyboards by Ridley Scott

Here is a taste of what’s coming up on Nerdstalking in October. These are a few pages of the original storyboards Ridley Scott created when he got the go-ahead from 20th Century Fox to make Alien. An artist as well as a director with only one feature movie behind him (1977’s The Duelists), Scott drew every major beat in …

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Chad’s Thursday Video: Darth Vader in Love.

Here’s an awesome video featuring Darth’s softer side. Ever wonder what he does when he’s not staring out the window, having a machine put his helmet on for him, killing Alec Guinness (and after reading how he felt about Star Wars, I’m kind of glad he did), force-choking jerks and not getting the Millennium Falcon? …

Chad's Visual Aids, Nerdstalking Podcast, Video

Chad’s Detour Ep.12 Visual Aids: Elvis and a Cake in the Rain


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Happy Birthday, Stephen King!

Title from The Dead Zone, a movie based on a book by Stephen King

Mr. King turns the salacious age of 69 today, so here is our episode on the King of Horror and his highlighted works. Click and Enjoy!

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Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 012

Where Chad flashes his “#1 Elvis Fan” badge, Ross waxes on – waxes off, Jacquie shouts from her Wookie treehouse, Bill plays the Fall Guy and Ross and Chad leave their cake out in the rain. Click and enjoy!