Nerdstalking Logan Video Review

The Nerdstalking team hit the mean streets of Toronto after seeing Logan to discuss the film and then to the

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Final ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Released: Nerdstalking Reacts

Bill: Considering the creative shit-kicking the DCU has been taking lately, what with the “Martha”-fied Batman v Superman and tepid-tea Suicide Squad,

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Farewell to Bill Paxton, Gone at 61

One of the joys of watching James Cameron’s thrill-ride movie Aliens is Bill Paxton’s full-throated portrayal of Colonial Marine soldier Pvt.

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To CGI Leia, or Not to CGI Leia

It’s not really a question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the pixelled slings and motion-captured arrows of

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Star Trek Online Materializes Onto Consoles

If you’re like me and video game inclined, you might be interested in the fact that the MMO Star Trek

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Here’s my first VO job… (I’m the first and last)

Here’s my first VO job (2014) by B.Side “Mister Speaker” and “Order” (essentially I’m talking to myself)

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