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Ep. 032 – ‘WarGames’ Reboot, ‘Black Lightning’ TV Show and More

WarGames, a video game movie with Ally Sheedy and Matthew Broderick

This episode looks at the classic cold-war computer hacker film WarGames, and the new interactive reboot based on the property. We also shine some light on the other black superhero, DC’s Black Lightning, found on Netflix. Lastly, Chad latches onto the inexplicable Venom teaser trailer and tries to make some Spidey sense of it.

Show Notes:
00:56 – We start with WarGames.
04:43 – A description of the reboot, and a look at the original movie.
06:53 – Chad starts in with Short Circuit.
08:22 – Dabney Coleman is a dick.
10:36 – Again with Short Circuit?
24:56 – Start of Black Lightning discussion.
29:03 – The unbearable deadness of James Remar.
37:31 – Chad breaks down the Venom teaser trailer.

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WarGames trailer –
WarGames web series trailer –
#WarGames interactive series website (also available on Steam and iOS) –
Bill’s article on the history of the movie WarGames, at The Dot Eaters:
Black Lightning series trailer –

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Chad's Thursday Video, Chad's Visual Aids, DC, Marvel, Movie Review, Music, Nerdstalking Video, Video

Chad’s Justice League Song

Chad hypothesizes the Justice League film in song! We’ve seen it now and his prophetic words are eerily Nostradamus-like. Look for his upcoming song prophesying the next hundred-years of Popes! “…And in the year 2024 Donald Trump Junior will contribute greatly to the Vatican’s ivory collection and will be appointed Pope Trump!”

DC, Movie Review, Nerdstalking Podcast

Ep. 025 Dissing the DC Bleakaverse!

Sure, DC movies have had some hard knocks over recent years, but at least they warned us that Kevin Spacey is, in fact, a real diabolical menace! The two Nerdstalking evil geniuseses Bill and Chad take a journey into Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon’s darkened treatise on super friendship, Justice League, and lo and behold they find that there’s light at the end of the DC tunnel after all! Plus some talk on the first series of TV’s Star Trek: Discovery, and Chad relates his wondrous discovery of the films of SF movie extravaganza pioneer George Pal.

Chad's Thursday Video, DC, Trailer

New Justice League trailer. Now with Sunshine!

Chad's Thursday Video, DC, Nerdstalking Video, Video

On the Australian Set of Aquaman!

DC, Video

‘Wonder Woman’ 1974 TV Show Starring Cathy Lee Crosby

A year before Lynda Carter wore her star-spangled diapers, Cathy Lee Crosby wore her red, white and blue sweater as Wonder Woman. This earlier version was the first live-action DC project from Warners, but unlike WW’s invisible jet, this one-off pilot didn’t fly. Not until Carter was cast in the title role […] Click here to see the whole post.