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New Justice League trailer. Now with Sunshine!

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Woah! The Unreleased It Movie Theme is the Sh*t!

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On the Australian Set of Aquaman!

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The Gospel According to Chad – the Elvis Sermon

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Chad’s Thursday Video: Inferno from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Here’s the full length video for Inferno which played over the end credits of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2…

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The Last Jedi Teaser is here!

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Nerdstalking Search for Cosplay Bill Video

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Nerdstalking Logan Video Review

The Nerdstalking team hit the mean streets of Toronto after seeing Logan to discuss the film and then to the pub. Click on the post to watch the video.

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Nerdstalking Fan-Mail Highlights!

So moved by our Elvis meets Nixon teaser for the then-upcoming episode 12, travel enthusiast Johnnie Maiden of Gmail wrote with great fervour and admiration. So moved by his wordsmithing, we felt it was necessary to post it below. His writing skill and ability to sum up so many thoughts and emotions in so few …

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Infinity I win! Infinity War Teaser Unleashed!

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Chad’s Thursday Video: Darth Vader in Love.

Here’s an awesome video featuring Darth’s softer side. Ever wonder what he does when he’s not staring out the window, having a machine put his helmet on for him, killing Alec Guinness (and after reading how he felt about Star Wars, I’m kind of glad he did), force-choking jerks and not getting the Millennium Falcon? …

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Chad’s Detour Ep.12 Visual Aids: Elvis and a Cake in the Rain


Chad's Thursday Video, Nerdstalking Podcast

Chad’s Thursday Video: The Walken Dead

Here’s a great short from those awesome folks at POYKPAC. They’re kinda like us here at Nerdstalking, they have a Hunter, a Ross and a comedic genius, too!  

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Chad’s Star Trek Ep.11 Visual Aids: Sherry Jackson and Phallic Objects.

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Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 010 Detour

Where Chad and Ross talk Ghostbusters 2016, Jacquie contemplates head a-holes, Evan says “Screw Frank Miller”, and Ross relates his fateful meeting with The Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie. The Panel: Bill Hunter, Creator of The Dot Eaters: Video Game History 101 Chad Gendron, Screenwriter and Pop-Culture Expert at Canadian Culture Thing Ross Waddell, …