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Podcast Research – ‘Alien’ Design: From House Harkonnen to Huge Honkers

When you consider all of the movie projects over the years that have been floated and then sunk under the waves of failed financing, at the top of the list has to be Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ambitious attempt at bringing Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi book series Dune to the big screen. Here is the trailer for a …

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Nerdstalking Podcast Ep. 013

Where we discuss the five major flicks in the Alien movie franchise: Alien (1979), Aliens (1986), Alien3 (1992), Alien: Resurrection (1997), and Prometheus (2012). The AvP movies get the occasional mention, but we decline to discuss them in-depth. We start out the show covering some upcoming and imminent genre stuff, such as Marvel’s Doctor Strange, …

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‘Alien’: Inside Mother

Here’s an interesting behind-the-scenes image from the making of Alien. From left, it’s director Ridley Scott, giving some instructions to Ian Holm as science officer Ash, and Sigourney Weaver as warrant officer Ripley. They’re inside another character from the film, the super computer that the crew affectionately (or not) refers to as Mother. Its actual designation …

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Podcast Research – ‘Alien’ Design: The Ore Refinery

It seems an oxymoron to describe a crew on a craft in deep space as ‘grounded’, but that’s exactly what the Nostromo personnel in Alien feel like: a group of every-person truckers in space, just doing a job and looking to get paid at the end of it. Except for Ash, there’s something wrong with that twitchy, …

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Podcast Research – ‘Alien’ Design: The Xenomorph

A concept drawing for the sci-fi movie Alien, by Ron Cobb

One of the signature features of the titular creature(s) from the Alien franchise, besides their elongated heads, sharp teeth and lethally telescoping tongues, are their ability to grow quickly into a menace for those unfortunates that come across them. The design of these dangerous beings morphed in a similar manner.

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Podcast Research – ‘Alien’ Design: From Urns to Eggs and Back Again

A scene from the movie Alien

What’s interesting when researching the Alien movies for our next podcast are the design elements that echo down through the franchise, from 1977 all the way to 2012 and undoubtedly beyond. Take, for instance, the containers that hold the earliest stage of the xenomorph, the facehugger. In the original Alien screenplay by Dan O’Bannon, they are “leathery urns …

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‘Prometheus’: The Perils of Running in a Straight Line

I enjoyed Ridley Scott’s 2012 return to the Alien milleu, Prometheus. A prequel to the first film, it details a team travelling to a far star cluster to find the origins of life on Earth, and the nasty things that await them there. I enjoyed it, but I can certainly see why some people have a problem with …

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Alien Design: The Terrible Beauty of H.R. Giger

You can’t have a discussion about the Alien films without talking about the beautifully horrible works of Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. Creating the creature, its environment, and the derelict spaceship in which it is found, Giger’s designs for the film reverberated not only throughout the series but also across the cinematic landscape as a whole. When …

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Original Alien Storyboards by Ridley Scott

Here is a taste of what’s coming up on Nerdstalking in October. These are a few pages of the original storyboards Ridley Scott created when he got the go-ahead from 20th Century Fox to make Alien. An artist as well as a director with only one feature movie behind him (1977’s The Duelists), Scott drew every major beat in …