1967 Spider-Man TV Music Incorporated Into “Homecoming” Theme

We’ve gone through 18 different 60’s Spidey themes over the last 18 days, and as a bonus to celebrate today’s premiere of Spider-Man: Homecoming, here is a video showing how Michael Giacchino, music composer of the latest Spidey film, has actually incorporated the 60’s theme into the movie’s music. I think it’s a fitting tribute to one of the most endearing and enduring parts of Spider-Man history:

Theme (from “Spider Man”) [Original Television Series] by Michael Giacchino on VEVO.

Here is the final list of the 18 1967 Spider-Man themes:

Swinging in on Day 1 was: Michael Bublé
Swinging in on Day 2 was: The Ramones
Swinging in on Day 3 was: Aerosmith
Swinging in on Day 4 was: Moxy Früvous
Swinging in on Day 5 was: Fuego Indio
Swinging in on Day 6 was: Stikky
Swinging in on Day 7 was: Bomberman 64
Swinging in on Day 8 was: The Warp Zone
Swinging in on Day 9 was: Jeff Lareau
Swinging in on Day 10 was: The Flaming Lips
Swinging in on Day 11 was: MyNewSoundtrack
Swinging in on Day 12 was: Amazing Gamer
Swinging in on Day 13 was: Volume
Swinging in on Day 14 was: Yuki Hide
Swinging in on Day 15 was: Temu
Swinging in on Day 16 was: Studio Bombshell
Swinging in on Day 17 was: Triforce Films
Swinging in on Day 18 was: Chad Gendron

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